UK Solicitors for Work Accidents

An accident at work solicitor is a legal professional that specializes in cases involving employees being injured during their work activity. A solicitor may utilize the experience of a barrister if a case needs to be presented in a higher court.

While both are lawyers, the solicitor holds a broader role and the barrister is more highly specialized and schooled in the higher court procedures. A work solicitor or claim solicitor is a legal professional who deals with work related issues such as industrial injury claims, and legal proceedings that deal with employment law, etc.

Because of the nature of industrial injuries and complexity that each injury case may hold, victims of work injury should seek legal counsel.

A solicitor reviews potential case information and advises the client about their legal rights. Because industrial injuries require a certain amount of documentation, the solicitor may request documentation from the employer by issuing demands through legal channels. The laws about work place injury allow for solicitors to have access to certain information that may involve a case.

accident at work solicitor

There are two sides to the term accident at work solicitor. One side represents the victim and the other side represents the employer or in some cases, the employer and the industrial insurance company that covers the employer. Insurance companies will try very hard to settle what may be a clear case out of court.

Without the advice of a solicitor, a victim risks losing a great deal of compensation for their injuries. Compensation is not just measured in pounds it is also measures in benefits such as future medical care, lost earnings, and damages for pain and suffering.

A solicitor has a responsibility to protect the interests of the injured party and is knowledgeable in forms and requirements for filing industrial work claims. They can help victims find medical professionals to help substantiate the degree of their injuries. They can also help to get the medical reimbursement and payments for care started.

Making a Claim

Many people want to know what they may receive in terms of compensation for their injuries. The answer to that question is not always clear cut. There are a great many factors that are considered before a final financial figure is reached. It’s part of the solicitors job to help the victim determine what the injury has cost and to present information about the injury to the court. Information that must be presented to the court needs to be in a very specified format.

Work place injuries come in many different forms. Some are physical injuries the exhibit clear signs and symptoms while others are emotional or psychological in nature. Employers are mandated by law, reasonably to prevent, work place injuries. Employers are given a duty and care over their employees well being. Some jobs or work environments are more dangerous than others, but employers are still obligated to train employees in work safe practices.

When work place injuries occur, a claim solicitor can legally demand to see certain aspects of the injured employees history with the company, and will look for evidence that supports the employees claim.

Nobody should have to live with the results of a work place injury as the cost of loss of quality of life is very hard to place a price tag on. Consider the effects of a back injury.  The constant pain and the limited ability to do general activities is very common with back injuries. Constant pain, depression, and other symptoms that are associated with living in pain also accompany victims of back injury. Ongoing medical expense, lost wages, therapy, counseling, and medication are all costs that must be incurred simply because of a back injury.

The purpose of this article is to show and demonstrate how much is at stake when an industrial injury occurs. The best advice that can be given to anyone who has suffered an injury at work is to seek the counsel sooner rather than later.

The complexity of work injury claims pretty much requires the involvement of a solicitor. Industrial insurance companies have lawyers that help them settle cases without having to pay out all of the compensation that may otherwise be due to a victim.

When contacting a solicitor, make sure to provide as much information as you can about the accident that you have suffered. Providing good information can help the solicitor review your case and give you proper advice.