Have You Developed Vibration White Finger at Work?

In this article we will discuss how someone can make a claim against their employer, if they can prove that they have developed Vibration White Finger as a direct result from carrying out their work activity.

Although Vibration White Finger can be caused by non-work-related activities, it is primarily a complaint of people who chronically use their fingers for work.  It’s an injury caused by repeated stress of a finger or hand. The onset of symptoms begins with a spasm of the blood vessels in the fingers. This causes the flow of blood to stop, and cells and tissue below the spasm begin to lose oxygen. The primary sign and symptom of is that the finger turns white. Pain, tingling, and numbness follow as the cells below the site of the spasm use up the remaining oxygen in the pooled blood.  The finger then turns from white to blue. When the spasm ends, blood flow returns to the appendage and normal skin tone is renewed.

The physical cause of vibration white finger is spasms in the blood vessel of an afflicted appendage. The causes of the spasms are wide but environmental conditions such as cold, have been known to trigger an event. Warming the affected appendage also is said to help ease the symptoms. These industrial injuries are typically associated with specific industries.  Industries such as construction have a high rate of incident.

Vibration White Finger

Consider a laborer who uses a rotating saw all day. To activate the saw requires the use of an index finger. The motion is pulling a trigger that activates the machine.  To maintain the activity, the finger must hold the trigger until the cut is done. Multiply that action through a day or a month and the foundation of injury becomes clear. Vibration white finger is not isolated to the construction industry.  It can occur across many different industries.

Can I Make a Claim?

These injuries are one of the easier claims to prove. It’s important, however, to contact a solicitor to discuss how the claim process works.  A  claims solicitor is a legal professional that understands the legal methods of working with industrial injuries.

Employers have a legal responsibility to protect their workers from reasonable injuries. A solicitor can help you understand the responsibilities of both the employee and the employer. Proving an industrial injury requires presenting evidence. Industrial insurance companies spend millions of pound each year to settle industrial cases before the injured party involves legal services. This is primarily because settling claims quickly can save the insurance industry billions of dollars each year and is why it’s important to at the very least discuss the details of your case with a legal representative.

How Much Can I Claim?

The compensation for vibration white finger claims has traditionally been divided into two categories of injury. Minor symptoms have a compensation range of ₤2,500 – ₤6,000. Major symptoms of have an upper range of ₤26,000.

Compensation is not limited to specific injury. There are other areas of compensation that a claim solicitor can help you to claim. Additional claims can be made for lost wages and future lost wage. You may be entitled to compensation for medical expenses and future medical expenses and expense of caring for you.

It is important to keep in mind that medical care alone will cost a great deal of money and people who suffer from this injury should look out for their own well being.


Employers have a legal obligation to discuss the risks, and educate employees who may be at risk for vibrating white finger. The legal obligation of an employer goes beyond just discussing and providing education employers must show employees how to prevent injury. For many workers with industry specific skills, this injury can be financially and emotionally devastating.

Prevention requires the use of ergonomic equipment that is designed to dampen the way that machinery vibration is transferred to the hand and arm. There is specialized protective equipment that can also be used to help reduce the risk of injury. Padded gloves and pads, that are made from gel help to reduce vibration stress better than  foam rubber padded gloves. Industrial injury experts recommend that if an employee works with a vibrating tool that said employee be permitted to take frequent breaks to rest the appendage.

Further reduction in risk can be achieve if the employer develops a team of people who do the same type of work.  Setting small goals followed by a break can help reduce the risk of vibrating white finger. The team approach will help employees keep production up. This may involve switching tasks so that employees are limited to how much they are exposed to vibrating machinery.